3 Ways to Make Money Using Instagram

Thankfully, making money has never been easier thanks to Instagram.

Not only has internet marketing and advertising been revolutionized through social media platforms such as Instagram, so has sales.

Companies are chomping at the bits to generate sales through Instagram. Here are 3 ways  to help you generate income using Instagram.


Partner with a Company:

Partnering with a company has huge upside potential to create wealth using Instagram. By Partnering with a company, you will advertise what they are selling on your Instagram account and in return take a percentage of the sales they make for your service.

A company that has offered this sales partnership is SportsManias. Many sports themed accounts have been able to generate income through SportsManias advertising; every Instagram account has a niche and there is always a company ready to advertise on an account genre like yours.

Selling Ads:


This is the classic method to making money on Instagram. Large accounts that become Instagram influencers typically go this route. Once you have around a million followers on Instagram, people will be willing to pay you to post an ad for them on your account that they created themselves. Usually influencers will charge the buyer per hour for the time the ad is on their page, and then take it down when the time is up.


Companies will often reach out to you for buying ads on your account once your following is grown and active, in addition you can reach out to companies that you see buying ads on other pages through Instagram dm to offer your services.


Starting your own Store/ Business:


What I love about this route is it has the highest potential to make long term income and constant growth. Launching your own online store and using Instagram and other social media platforms to sell your products can be an enormous money maker. Sky is limit in terms of sales; with 200 daily active users on Instagram, this possible reach for your business can generate more money than any of these other methods listed.


With drop shipping now taking over as online store suppliers, you can advertise your products and not pay for a single one of them until an online order is placed.


Simultaneously, as you’re marketing your own store/ business on Instagram you have the opportunity to have large Instagram influencers share your products and ads to maximize your audience, leading to more sales $$$.


If your looking to learn about more possible ways to make money using Instagram visit getsocialposts.com/blog . Anyone can benefit, so why not you?  

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