5 Ways To Get The Most Bang For your Buck on Sponsored posts

In 2013, Instagram launched its advertising program allowing big brands to advertise on social media. This was a game changer, because now, you do not have to follow the brand to see what new product they launched or what sale they are running. While sponsored posts are a great way to put money behind a product, just throwing cash into an ad will not always generate sales. Including a marketing plan along with pushing engagement are keys to locking in a band and consumer relationship. At Get Social Posts, we specialize and not only sponsored content, but promoting engagement as well. This way, you get the most bang for your buck on sponsored posts.

Here are a few ways to give your sponsored post the extra push it needs:

Add a call to action:

Engagement is key to any brand looking to generate sales from their social media pages.

When boosting a post, be sure to add an open ended question or task in the caption allowing fans to interact with the post. This can be anything from tagging three friends in the post, reposting an image, or replying to a question in the caption. Engagement allows the brand to connect with the consumer creating a bond.


Sharing is the easiest way to pass information along. Most social media platforms offer a share button to repost content on your page. When it comes to Instagram, tagging a friend in the post also acts as a sharing mechanism to shed light on a post. After boosting a post, engage with your audience by asking them to share the content. Users sharing your content also allows the content go viral.


After boosting a sponsored post on Instagram, the best way to keep an eye on how well its doing is to track it. Instagram offers a handful of analytical feedback on the post, allowing you to see your demographic and who you’re reaching. This tracking information can help plan your next sponsored post in terms of audience. After the ad campaign has finished, check out the analytics offered by Instagram. It shows the ages, gender, location, how many clicks the post garnered and more.

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