First time? Read our Advertiser's Guide for what REALLY works.

We've created a helpful guide for the most effective posts based on your goal.

After many, many campaigns, we’ve created a guide with post examples and what works + what doesn’t for every goal, including brand awareness, sales, leads, & downloads.Learn More

Our sponsored posts look less like an ad and more like a social post! By integrating them into our existing content, users view and interact with your post just like any other piece of content we publish.

Ads are priced according to how long your post will be live on our account. To view time slot options, please view our featured channels.

Post content is supplied by your brand, allowing for complete customization! Please make sure to add in the appropriate hashtags that you want attached.

We recommend adding #spon, #sponsored, #ad or another identifier to your post caption so you can stay within FTC rules.

You sure can! Just remember that you want to resonate with followers to get the ultimate response rate. If you are unsure, try purchasing multiple time slots and changing the ad content to test what works best.

For an additional charge, our partners at NuMedia Agency can create photo, video or graphic content, help with caption copy, and manage campaign strategy, as well as helping with custom post packages.

You can contact them at or via our contact form.

Yes! In our thousands of social media posts, we’ve found what works well and what doesn’t. Here is our “Advertiser’s Guide to Influencer Marketing”.

Although you can have up to 2,200 characters, we would recommend less than that to get your message across quickly. Let the image do the talking and bring them to that next level with a little bit of very clear text.

There are refunds available before the posts go up. Once they’re live, there are no refunds.

We do not guarantee results, in terms of the amount of reach, clicks or any other metrics. You’re simply buying a post on the account(s) for the allotted time, which may lead to amazing results, and may not generate the results you expect.

In rare cases, ad content may be deemed inappropriate, dangerous or spammy, and the buyer may be refunded prior to the post.

Our partners at NuMedia Agency can help create a custom package for you based on your needs.

They can: create photo, video or graphic content for you, help with caption copy, and/or manage campaign strategy, as well as helping with custom post packages.

You can contact them at or via our contact form.