One Marketing Campaign That Gained Calvin Klein Over A 10 Million Followers.

There are over 500,000 photos on Instagram tagged with #MyCalvins showcasing a random odd activity that one does in their coveted pair of branded apparel.

These posts range from underwear to jeans from celebrities like Chiara Ferragni, Justin Bieber, Trey Songz, Iggy Azalea along with Instagram influencers joining the fun as well. Calvin Klein’s Instagram rose to over 10 million followers quickly when their campaign went viral in 2014. Their strategy? Campaign marketing. Their suppliers? Instagram influencers.


In comparison, Gap, a well-known competitor to Calvin Klein recently launched their campaign #MeetMeInTheGap and didn’t have success at only 3,000 new posts. Calvin Klein used campaign marketing to their advantage to grow a small business on socials to over 10 million followers to today’s date. Here’s how they did it:


Calvin Klein tapped into influencer marketing by funnelling money to celebrity sponsored posts. These posts contained the catchy slogan of what that particular person did in the Calvins so it catered to both their personal brand along with CK. After releasing a handful of celebrity campaigns the trend trickled down to the consumer audience allowing them to join in on the marketing campaign. This allowed CK to extend their reach, obtain more user generated content, and attract more eyeballs to the brand ultimately generating more sales.


According to Racked, The #MyCalvins campaign has lead to significant growth on Calvin Klein’s social platforms. Since the February 2014 launch, it’s bulked its Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter followings by 2.2 million, 1.8 million, and one million, respectively. It has reached a global audience surpassing 469 million fans, yielding 23.5 million fan interactions. In July, the brand expanded its advertising to Tinder.


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