Optimizing Your Instagram Account for a Professional Business Presence

It’s Business, Not Personal: Optimizing Your Instagram Account for a Professional Business Presence

You created an Instagram account. Easy, right? Just fill in your name, company, a brief bio, this in a bunch of hashtags and you’re good to go. Just sit back and watch the fans grow.

Or not.

That may work fine for a personal account for a college coed yacking about her fav fashions, but it is not enough for your professional business account.

To fully optimize your Instagram account to drive high-quality leads to your store or website, you need to go beyond the basics.

Start with the NAME field

Use the space to write a short, punchy headline or concept that speaks to your customer’s biggest pain point or your products best benefit. Answer the question for most in their minds when they consider checking out your ‘grams… what’s in it for me?

Whatever you put in the NAME field appears right below your avatar image so it has a prominent position and will be one of the first things potential visitors see (after your avatar image, of course).

A Professional Image

Speaking of the avatar, use your logo, if you have one (if you don’t, get one!). Or if you are the spokesperson for your brand, use a professional headshot or, depending on your industry—fitness, for example—use an action shot.

Make sure, whatever you use, that the image is clear and sharp and echoes your headline or brand concept.

You BIO Isn’t About You

The next most important part of setup is the BIO. A ninja tip that most businesses overlook is that this section should be about them not you. The BIO is not the place to list all the nifty features, or even the benefits of your product.

Tell a story, if you can, about your customer. Maybe not a specific customer but find a way, in this section, to reflect the potential visitor’s fears and show how your product alleviates that problem.

And avoid long sentences that wrap to multiple lines. Writing in short phases. One blurb to a line. Write first in Word; copy/paste into your profile. Use emojis, arrows, and other small graphics to add visual spice.

Reserve the last line of your BIO to tease a giveaway or free download on your site. End the line with down arrows. Who dropped into the BIO, they will “point” to your website’s URL, which is placed directly below your BIO.

Convert to a Business Profile

Once you have created your account, be sure to build your Instagram Business Profile. Click the settings wheel in the top-right corner of the app and select “Switch to Business Profile”.

A Business Profile on Instagram will help your customers connect to your business When converting to a Business Profile, you’ll be able to include additional information about your business on your profile.

For example, you’ll be able to add a phone number, an email address and your business’s physical address.

Additional information on setting up an Instagram Business Profile can be found in theFacebook business docs: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/897631030335607?helpref=page_content

But remember, using your Instagram account to promote your wares is about more than getting the setup right. It is also about the continued use and development of your Instagram stream, but more on that in an upcoming article.

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