SIS: Social Influence Score

Advertisers have asked us to come up with a way to score the engagement of each account, so we’ve created a proprietary formula designed to help you understand the level of engagement of each account, so you can determine which might be a better fit and value for you and your brand.

Scale: 0 is low, 3 is average, 5 is extremely high.

Accounts that are 3 and up are good accounts to advertise on. Accounts that are close to 5 are spectacularly engaged and will likely generate a lot of real buzz for you and your content.

How We’re Measuring it: Our formula factors in a number of important factors.

  1. Most important: overall views and impressions per post. At the end of the day, as an advertiser, we believe this is the most crucial metric. You want the most possible eyes on your content.
  2. Highly important: overall comments per post. This is crucial as it shows a) a very attentive and engaged audience and b) a healthy account that will likely get significant reach for your post content.
  3. Important: overall likes per post. This is also crucial to engagement & reach, but with today’s algo favoring comments, this is weighted slightly less than comments.
  4. Low importantance: engagement vs total followers. We factor in the amount of engagement vs. the amount of total followers for a number of reasons. But, this isn’t as heavily weighted as the overall engagement metrics.
  5. Also weighted: comment quality. We reduce scores up to 1 point based on the quality of comments, as many accounts game the system with DM groups designed to generate comments for no cause to shoot posts up the feed. This is factored in as their primary engagement numbers will be deceptively high, so your content may not do as well.

We want you to fully understand the quality of each account, and that’s what the SIS (Social Influence Score) is calculated for.

Please feel free to contact us via live chat if you have specific questions about each account’s engagement. We’re here to help you maximize your influencer experience.