Swipe The Giveaway Creative @BrandingHarris Used to Gain 30K in 3 Weeks

Take this giveaway creative and tailor it to your niche. 

1. Simple caption with your @ in the first 5 words
2. Call to action that includes a follow (and an email/form submit if ideal)
3. Call to action that asks for comments to get the post more reach
4. Include rules at the bottom so you aren’t bombarded with questions
5. When you’re ready to announce a winner make a new post that tells them the rules and also furthers another initiative of yours like asking for feedback, more data or something else that would further your goals

Use this template to help craft your caption for influencers to post:

👉🏻 5 Winner GIVEAWAY via @brandingharris has begun! 👀 To Enter:

1⃣ | Follow @brandingharris ✔️
2⃣ | Follow his instructions & comment on the official giveaway post‼️
Winners will be selected live by @brandingharris’ on next Sunday 10/29. 🙌
Use this template to help craft your caption on your account when you’re ready to pick someone:
👉🏻 OK! It’s time! 👀 To Enter:
1⃣ | Click the link in my bio & enter your email ✔️
2⃣ | Tag a friend when done ✅ Tag as many as you want for multiple entries‼️
Winner will be selected live the comments tonight. Will confirm that winner follows & entered his or her email on the form in my bio. 🙌

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