Three Simple Apps & Tools to Enhance Your Brand’s Instagram Presence

You know the now old saying, “There’s an app for that!” That’s more true in 2017 than in July 2008 when the iPhone App Store first opened.

And there is a great temptation to grab every app for every possible use. After all, more is better, right?Not necessarily. Especially when creating a business or brand presence on Instagram. In fact, you can create and enhance your Instagram account and ability to grow organically with three simple apps.


  1. iMovie [] – video editing app for iOS that allows you to edit the videos you shoot with your iPhone within the device itself. Simple to use, the iMovie app is perfect for people in the real estate industry, or for showing how-to or step-by-step instructions in the DIY space.


A realtor, for example, could quickly shoot a high-quality video of a house walk-through and then edit it directly on her phone. No need to return to the office and fumble with complex video editing software.


With a few finger swipes, an added audio soundtrack, a bit of overlay text naming each room and she can upload the video walk-through of the house to her Instagram account, ready for prospective buyers to see it and call to request more information.


  1. Iconosquare []- data is vital to measuring any marketing, sales or advertising campaign. Without solid, reliable data, making decisions about increasing or decreasing ad spend, determining ROI, etc. are virtually impossible. The answer to every data marketer looking at Instagram as a marketing platform is Iconosquare.


Although the app boasts numerous features, including a full suite of analytics tools, the ability to manage multiple accounts at once, influencer research through what they bill as the “world’s largest Instagram search engine,” the most important aspect of Iconosquare for businesses seeking to grow their Instagram followers organically is the tag impact list.

The tag impact list allows you to see which of your tags from your Instagram posts are most effective and getting you the most reach. Then it is simply a matter of putting more into the tags that are resonating with your target audience and using the tags to inform your content strategy, because popular tags reflect the content that your followers are most likely to interact with and share.


  1. Kik – when you are trying to get noticed on Instagram and grow your follower count, it can be a very smart strategy to get those with greater numbers of followers to give you a shout out, simply post a ‘gram to their followers about something you’ve done, like a recipe that you’ve created and shared that their audience would like.


Kik is an app that has been adopted by Instagram users as a sort of private messenger app. Often compared to the What’s App app, it allows instant messaging without having to track down email addresses or other contact information.


Instagram users often list their Kik @tag and it is often just a matter of reaching out and asking for a shout out. If you offer them something of value, you may find this type of celebrity outreach to be a very successful approach to building your following on Instagram.


Additional apps, most with highly specialized uses, can always give that tiny bit extra. A different font, or image effect. But building a real brand presence on Instagram is about more than the trendiest photo filter. It is about building a profile and stream of image or video posts that resonate with your target audience and speak to their needs.

These three simple apps, along with the universal app hustle, allow you to do just that.

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